On his birthday - the 17th of September 2022, we pay homage to Dr. B. Devadas Acharya, an administrator by profession, a mathematician and poet by heart and a seed funder of The Scientific Indian initiative now run under Abhipsa Research and Education Foundation. He inspires us to do our best in whatever we do. While we compile his mathematical works, you can find some of his poems HERE, his auto-biography HERE and some of the citations of his research HERE.

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QuicPublish is a Complete Publications Management Solution for Scientific Journals. From Authors to Editors to Office Staff, it helps not only with the pre-publication vetting process, but can also be deployed for electronic Subscriptions Management, complete with end-user license management and back-office controls. Ideal for Scientific societies that want to manage their own publication process efficiently. Reach us at coordinator@thescientificindian.com or Whatsapp us at: +91-9036218432.

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QuicPublish has embedded AI-assist Technology that observes and learns from its human friends so that it can assist when they need it. Fully hosted and managed.

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